Wildlife & Habitat Conservation

Harris Ranch Wildlife Mitigation Association

One of the many distinguishing attributes of the Harris Ranch community is its proximity to the Foothills and Boise River. Recognizing that the location of the community lies in a corridor directly between these two important wildlife and habitat areas, the Harris family and the Developer of Harris Ranch proactively initiated a comprehensive Wildlife Assessment and Mitigation Plan which a) identifies potential direct and indirect impacts to wildlife and habitat resulting from construction/residential activities, and b) provides a means for enabling actions and options for avoiding, minimizing or mitigating those identified impacts.

The Harris Ranch Wildlife Assessment and Mitigation Plan establishes a non-profit corporation that provides for and directs the efforts of: restoration and enhancement of the natural environment; coordination and facilitation of conservation education programs; seeking grant funding for conservation education and habitat enhancement projects; identifying, observing and reporting on problems related to wildlife in the neighborhood; monitoring and maintaining effective fuel breaks; and monitoring/treating weeds.

For information on classes or to request a copy of the complete Wildlife Mitigation Plan 

For the purposes of wildlife habitat planning, projects are broken down into three areas: foothills, floodplain, and riparian areas. Examples of specific programs underway and planned for include:
1.) Design and construct a fuel break for all development that is adjacent to, or within upland foothills habitats
2.) Implement noxious weed abatement
3.)Coordinate with cooperating organizations and agencies to bring interpretive educational seminars and presentations to HR residents
4.) Develop trailhead management objectives and actions, seasons of use, and access types (non-motorized). Resident education will be major component of this project
5.) Create signage and educational & informational kiosks regarding Bald Eagles and their Habitat
6.) Tree planting - Barber Dam to East ParkCenter Bridge to screen the public from roosting eagles
7. ) Commit 10 percent annually of the budget to offsite mitigation to benefit wildlife winter habitat in the Boise Foothills
8.) Monitor and report the success of all habitat restoration efforts

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