Harris Ranch Subdivision One

Harris Ranch Subdivision One ~ Where It All Began.....

Harris Ranch

Subdivision One Board & Committees

Board Members     Design & Review        Communication      
Mil DeSilva             Tim Carlson                 Mil DeSilva
Ann Wozniak           Mil DeSilva                 Donna Carlson
Tom Payn                Tom Payn                    Tommy Stolz
Tim Carlson                          

New neighbor? Check out our Facebook Group for Subdivision One residents only. Another good information resource is https://harris-ranch.com for all Harris Ranch Residents.

Need assistance? - To report a maintenance issue with the pool or common area irrigation please contact Christian Brockl <boise@sentrymgt.com> at Sentry Management 208-323-1080.

Please remember - Any design or landscape changes need to be run by the Design Review Committee.
See below.

Upcoming Meetings - TBA

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Subdivision One Docs/Forms/Minutes

Common Area Lawn Care Throughout Sub 1

-Fertilize grass for growth/grubs
-Spray for weeds in grass areas
-Spray for weeds in islands

-Trim trees as needed
-Replace sprinkler heads and filters
-Mowing around irrigation ponds

-Mow the grass mow strips from S.Brightside/Millbrook North to Shadywood and Barnside, including parks and postal. Starts at 8am and goes until about 1pm.
-weed eat/every other week tree wells

-edge sidewalk side or curb side
-adjust sprinkler heads/replace small filters in same areas

From Wise Way to Old Hickory and from Haystack to Barber Rd.

-mow grass mow strips
-weed eat/every other week tree wells
-edge sidewalk side or curb side

-mow large fields on Old Hickory/Hardesty
-mow postal on Palmatier
-adjust sprinkler heads/replace small filters in same area

Finish Sub 1

-Includes mow/weed-whack streets: Wise, Perrault, Barber, & Warm Springs
-Mow postal on warm springs
-Edge curb or sidewalk

-Mow/weed eat edge new areas South of Parkcenter (Eno area and fire station)
-adjust/replace sprinkler heads and filters

-Spray weeds in grass mow strips
-Spray tree wells for weeds
-Fertilizer for growth and grub needed areas

-Adjust sprinklers and replace filters
-Weed the barn beds
-Maintenance around Shop

Mow the fescue grass at Palmatier postal and Warm Springs postal once a month.

All irrigation for entire Sub 1 begins at 9pm and runs until about 8am. Each station runs approximately 12 minutes and some 2-3 stations run concurrently at any given time. This is during the hot summer months. Timers for all irrigation in mow strips may be shut off for periods of rain and may also be added an extra run cycle for extremely hot days above 100 degrees. That one may begin around 1pm to start again the same evening. It may be reduced from 12 minutes per station run cycle, down to 5 minutes during the day as not to waste water.

The initial irrigation cycles begin in the following areas:
-Hardesty/Old Hickory

They follow the neighborhood South towards Parkcenter and down below to Haystack.
The parks and postals in said area are the last to run, and usually finish by 830-9am. 

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