Grounds & Ponds

Grounds and Ponds

The Association is responsible for several acres of land adjoining the Subdivision. The area has been officially designated as a wetlands area by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The area includes a remote trail and provides ample opportunity for viewing wild life, fishing and enjoying the area.

The HOA is vigilant regarding the upkeep and protection of the pond system for two reasons: proximity to the Boise River and this water source is used to irrigate our homes and common area landscaping.

Our contractors are balancing treatment of the ponds to protect their ecology while making them easily accessible and enjoyable for residents. Treatments rendered are to kill milfoil and other pondweed. Algae is typically a problem in June, July, and August because of the warmer temperature and stagnation and is addressed year-round.

The area was designed to maintain its natural appearance, yet to be easily accessed by locals. The path is gravel and the grass is fescue to blend in with the surroundings. Weeds on and adjacent to the path are sprayed or mowed several times each year. Noxious weeds are eradicated by the County on an as needed basis.

Pressurized Irrigation

Planning efforts for the Harris Ranch community included numerous measures intended to conserve the valuable commodity of water. One such conservation effort is the installation of a community wide pressurized irrigation system utilizing groundwater rights already available within the boundaries of the property. The system will provide irrigation water for all common area and residential landscaping.

Billing rates for irrigation services vary according to lot size. Irrigation services are typically billed in 4th quarter (early November) after close of the irrigation season. The irrigation assessment is due by December 31 each year.

Note - as a property owner you are fully responsible for the maintenance and winterization of your residential irrigation system and the HOA's involvement is strictly a billing/collection function. Notification will be issued each spring regarding irrigation water availability, and each fall regarding system shut-down.